we are eykrom

Our story

Kofi Amamoo


About a decade ago...

We embarked on a journey to influence the way Ghanaians traded goods. Through the creation of a pioneering buy and sell platform on Meta, Eykrom brought together buyers and sellers, fostering a thriving community of over 450,000 active users who relied on the platform for their daily sales targets.

In March 2019, Eykrom reached a significant milestone by monetizing its buy and sell group through a Know Your Customer (KYC) program. This strategic move not only enhanced the platform's sustainability but also demonstrated Eykrom's commitment to responsible trade practices.

Over the course of three years, Eykrom empowered over 2000 online sellers, it was a testament to its growing impact on the local economy and its ability to facilitate transactions that benefited both buyers and sellers alike.

However, in February 2021, Eykrom encountered a setback when Meta abruptly pulled down the group, citing violations of their community guidelines. Despite this unforeseen challenge, Three years later, Eykrom remains undeterred in its mission to empower local trade and foster economic growth in Ghana and beyond.